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The purpose of this website is to offer guidance and support to all the international students in China who’s experienced difficulties during the COVID situation in the past few years.

As you may or may not know there has been a huge drop in the number of Chinese students studying abroad, especially to the US, UK, along with Australia and Canada.

I believe the purpose of us going to an international school in China is to one day go to school in a country in the western world. In recent years, I have witnessed some drastic decisions made by many families due to COVID. I know people around me whom due to safety reasons have changed their country of study from the US/UK to Singapore, Japan or Korea. I’m not claiming schools in these Asian countries are bad, I know they are actually pretty great in most cases, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t our/ our parents intention for us to go to school in one of those countries after having spent millions on our English education.

Then there are students who have withdrawn their applications in fear of being discriminated against in western countries, along with those who chose to throw themselves back into the public system; giving up their dreams of going abroad all together.

We all know that due to the COVID situation the classes haven’t been very consistent within the past few years, we had to often juggle between online and offline classes which caused many of us to be lazy, getting poor grades, or even at times feel incompetent in our ability to work as a student.
But looking back at all the years we have been through, is it really wise to change or give up our dreams of going to a good college in the US/UK?

We have different topics of discussion in our forum section
It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your thoughts in our forum as a way to offer help and guidance for all the students who are still struggling to decide their educational path, much love!

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I go to school in Shanghai and I have never seen anything like this before. This is really meaningful!


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Thank you for this!


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That's really helpful. Thanks!
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