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I'm so confused! Please Help!

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Hello everyone,

I'm Shan, a student from the international class at the 101 public school in Beijing.
Since the pandemic, the world hasn't been the same to me.

Here are my concerns.

Is it really essential to study abroad? I feel I'm too lazy to go.
My grades are ok, and my parents are financially ok, but is it actually safe in the US right now?
If I can't get into a top school, should I still go abroad? I have all my friends here in Beijing.

thank you


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I believe it's called moving on with one's life. hahahaha
I think we should all move forward to improve ourselves instead of dwelling on the past.
I'm in the save exact situation, and believe it's for the better!


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We are all in the same situation.


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I don't understand your trouble


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You go to a public school, so I think either one is ok


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Same problems


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part of growing?


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I think you should still study abroad, it would broaden your horizon!


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I think you should go to study in Hong Kong, still in China but you can study in an international environment!
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